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    Question 'siege' passive very very bugged?

    so today, I reached the beast on madness. and boy was I shocked... I can't even get to him!!!

    I rely heavily on my gunner child of the damned, to give my team a heal shield with his 'golden stare'. But if I face an enemy with the siege passive (blue bat or demon dog) the heal shield disappears after my turn

    for those that don't know, 'siege' is supposed to reduce benefitial effects by 1 every turn. the heals shield should last for 3 turns, but 'siege' removes it completely before I can even use it.

    alright, no problem, I just start to build a super heavy hitting 5* lvl100 assassin Golden Son with 6x maxed out assassin talismans, and kill them before they can siege me. easy right?
    even after the char with 'siege' has died, it STILL removes the heal shield (even 2-3 turns after they died...), leaving me very vulnerable and killing my glass cannon GRE instantly...

    anyone out there having the same bug?

    PS: I tried to use this to my own advantage, and use the same glitch with MY blue bat... nope. the bug is only on the enemy's 'siege', not on my own.
    5* lvl100 toons:

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    WARRIOR: Troll, Golden Son, Child of the Damned (6x maxed out strength talismans!!!)
    GUNNER: Cheering Wickerdeer, Child of the Damned
    SENTINEL: Pharaoh Eddie

    feel free to add me, I use all troopers every day
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    Quote Originally Posted by eddie-8009 View Post
    PS: I tried to use this to my own advantage, and use the same glitch with MY blue bat... nope. the bug is only on the enemy's 'siege', not on my own.
    Same with my Death Dog, bug only on enemies siege, indeed.
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    I don't have one myself but if you find a trooper with a Prisoner as champion - he will cancel all passives (no bosses) ... so those blue bats and those trolls are not that powerful anymore.

    I take the line of bats at the start out one by one. 2 heavy hitters and one powerful healer.

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    Yeah I had the same happen to me on Light Bringer today. Faced the wave of Angels, and I have my blue allied soldier use his reflect shield.

    Usually that would last for a turn, but not this time. Immensely frustrating.
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    I usually take my Prisoner along on any mission with Trolls, and played Blood Brothers without him today to test some character combos

    Got my ass kicked a few times! Siege has become crazy! I too rely on a Heal Shield and it was totally useless.

    For kicks I took my own Angel of Pain along and he neutralized the Trolls shields. So it does work in reverse. May switch some better Talismans to him and see how he is damage wise as don't have any Troopers with him as their champion

    So Prisoner is still my goto with Trolls or blue bats, but Angel of Pain - or any toon with Siege - is kind of like the poor man's Prisoner

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