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    Talisman Illustrated Guide- Level 50 Stats, Set Bonus's, Tips, and Hints

    There a few Talisman guides out there. This is a compilation of the information contained within those tombs. Alot of people have made contributions to the data, suggestions and pictures. I just sorted, polished and bedazzled it all. Just another sign that WE all have too much time on our hands! Be sure to check out these guides where the majority of the leg work for this one was done.

    Special thanks to Kaijester, aur0ra85 and the many others that provided the info here.

    And as always thank you to my Troopers! Without you I wouldn't be in the limbo known as "End Game". LOL

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    Kulimar's quote is very useful and applies to many Sets. Therefore the sets that immediatly affected are marked with the Accuracy buff.

    Originally posted by Kulimar

    "One thing to note about on-hit talismans is that they are affected by Accuracy. If you have someone with an accuracy passive (like the Axis Bomber Warrior), the proc chance of those Talismans is +35%."

    ! WARNING !

    These Talismans have known broken mechanics!
    The tips and suggestions contained within reflect that. As with any advice, take with a grain of salt. Especially with these particular ones. It is a good idea to have preparations in order for when the mechanics are fixed.
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