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    Memory Issues with Samsung Android Phones

    I'm not playing as much, nor paying as much as I would otherwise because I've decided to remove LOTB from my phone and only use it with tablets.

    Installing LOTB on my samsung as well as tests with other samsungs friends have shows that LOTB starts chewing up memory over time until warnings pop up in the OS and other apps can't be installed without going through a 'remove LOTB, install app, reinstall LOTB, update LOTB' cycle.

    It could well be a samsung issue just for anyone who has LOTS of apps installed.(people who don't won't experience this issue) Samsung purposely cripples Android regarding memory, dumbing Android down so people, for example, can't combine internal and external memory (adopting memory) without switching the phone into developer mode and doing some tricky stuff to work around it.

    Anyway, it's not as convenient for me to keep a tablet handy and pop it out to play some LOTB as it is with a phone so with me playing less I'm also less interested in investing cash in it.

    No blame, just some thoughts.

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    I don't think it's a Samsung only issue. Two different Motorola phones have had the same thing happen, except the newer one has enough memory that it usually doesn't cause problems. I usually wipe the data after any major app update prior to downloading the game data in the app.

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