Crush the cold weather and your competition with Viking Eddie alongside all of these other adjustments and improvements as we pave the way ever closer to PVP.

New Character: Viking Eddie!

Get ready to slay your enemies with Viking Eddie! He is a buff specialist who focuses on increasing MR with additional crowd control capabilities, such as freeze/stun, taunting, a status effect which cleanses each turn, and more!

Viking Eddie is now available as a 5 star Sentinel in all appropriate souls. Check out more on Viking Eddie in his Character Discussions forum post.

Character Tuning

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Other Enhancements

  • A short description describing a character’s role in the party now shows up in various screens (the Soul Results screen, My Team screen’s Stats tab, and the Character Info Popup)
  • The Help section on status effects has been expanded with more common status effects and the potency of such status effects (when they’re not tuned per skill)

Other Bug Fixes

  • Characters should always show up in the combat results screens when reporting XP gains
  • Characters should not use the skill shards (or lack thereof) of other characters of the same type and tier
  • Fixed an issue where some characters from the campaign worlds used different icon art than what the collectible version of them had
  • Players should now be directed to the proper App Store page when they need to update the game
  • The timer for when the next Lord of Light dungeon should now display if no dungeon is currently open
  • The unavailable Halloween Event node should no longer try to appear for new users which unlock nodes on Hard and Madness difficulty
  • If there is an achievement for clearing a specific quest for the first time, you no longer sometimes get the same reward from the quest directly (you’ll get Ironite or high-rarity XP Runes as a first time bonus instead)
  • Achievements added after the initial Daily Challenges update which are retroactively completed should properly count towards the “Complete X Achievements” achievement
  • And many other fixes and stability improvements for PVP... more details and limited release coming soon!