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    Kardas,I'm a fan of Stratovarius for very long but have not attend their concert before.

    Try'em for a charge of positive metal fave includes:

    Father Time
    Will The Sun Rise?
    Speed of Light
    The Hands Of Time
    And the list goes on....
    LoTB Since June 2016

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    And how can I forget this...

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    LoTB Since June 2016

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    Dear Santa Eddie,

    This Christmas I would like:
    - The legendary Sacrifice upgrade
    - Reduced cost for Skill Shards and Magus/Gunner souls (but mostly Skill Shards because of how important they are)
    - Brave New World, Night City, and PvP (at least one of those)
    - Tweaked stats and abilities for the needy (mostly Sentinels and Possessed Mines...)

    Thank you~
    \m/ Emile-3944 \m/
    I use all my troopers every day (barring crashes). Let's chase those skillshards together

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    Bah humbug. I'd like to see an update actually go through smoothly for once. Or on time. Christmas event?

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    Nice List, I agree with them all!

    Dear Santa,
    Rare souls should drop only 4 and 5 star characters, and Legenday souls only 5 star.

    Stop this 3 star character madness!
    We have already a whole farm full of dogs, oxes, owls, etc. We already get them from non rare souls. We don't need them also from Rare Souls.

    Regarding Eddies, I would love to receive:
    -Viking Eddie
    -Tailgunner Eddie
    -Carriage Rider Eddie
    -Pharao Eddie
    -Cyborg Eddie

    But Most of all, I would love Trooper Eddie!

    Quote Originally Posted by Shaolin85london View Post
    From Trooper1987-6967

    - Rare Souls should drop only 4* and 5* characters, no 3*;
    - Legendary Souls should drop only 5* characters;
    - Otherwise: improve the character drop rate. We are sick of getting thousands of dogs, harpies, soldiers, oxes, owls, etc;
    - Reduce the cost in trooper badges for skill shards and assassin/gunner rare souls (way too high);
    -Increase the drop for power up runes of every color for talismans (or open the fu**ng BNW);
    - 5 minutes to refill 1 sand of time is too much, bring it to 3 minutes;
    - We need more ironite and gold from playing the game;
    - (or) Reduce the cost in ironite of items in the shop;
    - Increase sand of time to at least 100;
    - Use your Troopers twice a day;
    - Let the players evolve beyond level 100 (for free sand refills);
    - Reduce the price for expanding the inventory;

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    Two words :
    Stability !!! (tired of wasting my time and loosing sot, trooper points and rewards in lol dungeon with those f*****g server errors)

    And Stability !!!

    And sacrifice maybe...
    \m/ Up The Irons ! \m/
    ID : Rygone-4263 | lvl 100 | Daily player | Troopers : 50/50
    Champions : Pharaoh Eddie (Maxed Out) | Navigator Eddie (Maxed Out)
    (Last Update 04/22/17)

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    I guess Santa Knows that you guys have been anything but good this year. All you're getting is another stupid Christmas event with now new content.. hahahahahahaha
    cry, cry, cry.

    I hate this game now

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    Red face

    Dear Santa,
    I dont want any gift, just health!
    Merry Xmass and a happy new year!
    Have fun guys...

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    A chest full of ironite and a very special llimited edition Cyborg Eddie soul... and maybe an Assassin Sandworm & Corrupt Wolf Cultist!

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