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    Quote Originally Posted by Nicko View Post
    I took away my Prisoner/GS/DM combo. My defense percentage DID take a bit of a dive overnight, but I'm still getting some Holds so we'll see how it works. If I get pummeled I'll have to put them back in until the Talisman nerf hits - I'd like to finish top 5 and this point system absolutely sucks - but for now trying not to exploit the broken mechanics

    That may change after Saturday
    Followed you on that one, at least it shows good intentions and some fair play maybe others will follow who knows 😊

    (Still I may reconsider too...)
    "Nothing lasts forever but the certainty of change"
    -Bruce Dickinson

    (English is not my first language)

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    i found another broken mechanics, we discusses a little, but now i'm pretty confident to say that this is some kind of bug or broken mechanics.
    the list of opponents is very similar after every refresh, only one or two names changes after the refresh. 90% stay the same almost every time!

    i never saw some of the top 10 guys for the whole week. no shaolinlondon, no bradata no marcio the whole week, pizza and sag only once i belive. some names like demoonchild and nicko poped up a lot. there seems to be something very broken with this list mechanics. in addition with the bad pointing system, this is another problem in climbing up the ranks and enjoy diversity in PVP.

    don't be a mofo and join the mofos.

    if you are interested in joining one of the top 5 clans in lotb, contact me and we can start the negotiation. we are full atm but we can put you on the mofo list if you like.

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    I think the whole PVP arena is the problem, the point system as Frost mentioned, the attack list that has the same names over & over again and many more small things. I think that the defenses like Nicko's and other similar to his are just the answer to the broken system problem. As many have suggested before, the points system, the unlimited revenge loop and the attacking list system need to be changed first and then, may be we can explore the broken mechanics issue. I have seen Nicko's troops, he has almost all the best chars that are out there and I believe that he spent a lot of time figuring out what chars to put in the defense team of his And now we want to take away from people like him what they have achieved by spending a lot of money & time getting the good chars. I think better that the Devs should start addressing the arena system issues first and then the broken mechanics.
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