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    Quote Originally Posted by slauki View Post
    i don't accuse anyone. it's a possible cheat, that's the only thing i know and i wanted to share.

    but your logic has a flaw. you will win every attack and every defense when cheating, because you will attack your team with a weaker team, and manage it to loose. so you will get 26 points per SOW invested (13 for the win and 13 for the hold). AND the best thing is noone can revenge you, since you will attack only yourself and some people for deception maybe. that would be my strategy at least
    So this would clearly make sense for every player...
    It is not you that acuse slauki, you are smarter than that. Ya, you are right, i didnt remember that you have the option to revenge even winning. Anyway, i invite anyone to try that and prove that can achieve number 1 before acusing anyone.
    In the end i know that i am not a cheater, and i really dont care what whoever think. I am so sure that i cant be banned because the devs can see that i spend ironite and i dont play dirty using exploits and shits so i am fine.
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