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    Question Which Eddie to evolve to level 4?


    I am having enough Shards to evolve either the Default Eddie og the Solder Eddie to level 4. Which of these two would you people recommend to evolve?

    I have only read positive stuff regarding Solder Eddie(and he seems pretty good) so i think i will go with him, but at the same time i think the Default Eddie is solid as well. Also i have the possibility to evolve the Run To The Hills Eddie to level 4, but i do not think he is worth it?

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    Go for soldier definitely. I have mine at level 80 and i am working for getting him to 5*

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    Completely agreed on evolving the Soldier Eddie. He's super useful and fun to play.

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    Soldier Eddie basic ability to heal all is irreplaceable (Aces High Eddie have the same Roulette ability), and is crucial to clearing missions that allows you to use basic abilities only.

    And out of all the damage build Soldier Eddie in other threads, I will highly recommend the ultimate healer build which is to use Invisibility Talisman and keep casting Roulette. It's the best way to get by the Fury move of the Beast in his 3rd form.

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