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    Game won't launch unless it's a clean install

    So, since a couple days, my game didn't launch anymore. When I start it, it gets stuck on about 90% of the loading (I even left it like that for a whole day, just to make sure. Still nothing)

    Like always, I deleted and reinstalled the game. I log in to my account with Facebook, and start the game. Then it works, but the lag is ho-rri-ble. I can't even play the game with lag like that. And when I endure all the lag and try to play a mission, it just gets stuck on the first loadscreen.

    Please help!!!!

    Playing on a OnePlusOne, android 6.0.1
    5* lvl100 toons:

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    GUNNER: Cheering Wickerdeer, Child of the Damned
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    I'm also having this problem..

    Game won't proceed past ~75% on loading screen unless it's after clean install.

    Once clean installed, content dl'd, & logged in w/ account, game becomes very laggy (i/o unresponsive, as if cpu running w/o yielding to event loop)

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    I had this problem a little while ago. Uninstall, clear your phones internet catch then reinstall. This got mine working again.

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