What It was Designed For
A character which supports his team by locking down enemy passives (with his passive) and abilities (by sealing/stunning).

What We Got
A character which defines the top-end PVP meta so much that he counters nearly every defensive strategy you can set up without taking a turn… and largely cannot be countered (as having a Prisoner sort of levels the playing field, but that doesn’t stop him from doing what he does).

Why This is a Problem
  • Almost every interesting team composition choice that uses passives to help weather the first turn is nullified, reducing counterplay options
  • Because the first turn or two are so critical (with many matches with 5 star characters only lasting 1-3 rounds), disabling all enemy first turn passive is disproportionately powerful

What We Could Consider Changing
  • Make it so his passive applies a block passive status effect to a random enemy each round (reduce amount of impact)
  • Make it so his passive doesn’t work on the first turn (reducing the scope of what he counters)
  • Make it so his passive works on only certain passives (such as passives which aren’t first turn effects)
  • Make it so his passive can still affect all enemies each turn, but only has a chance to per enemy (retaining his value most of the time while not being a sure thing each turn)
  • Introduce talismans which have set effects that provide Damage Reduction Shields, Immunity, etc (giving non-passive options to survive the initial onslaught)

Please let us know your thoughts on this character in the comments. Keep in mind that this is not a for sure set of changes we’re going to do to this character; this is merely where our appraisal design-side is of the character, and we want to discuss this more with the community to get a better sense if changes are necessary for this character or if this character is fine as is.