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    Immunity and removing negative effects 101

    Accurate as of December 23

    Characters that remove debuffs or outright prevent them can be very helpful. Rather than going through your entire inventory looking for worthwhile people, I've decided to list them all for you. I hope this helps you in picking characters for your team!
    Do tell me if there's anything which is incorrect.
    A big thank you to all the people who contributed to the 'Compilation of Maximized Characters' thread, but to Slauki & the Unknown Soldier in particular.

    Before I start, not that there are some negative effects that cannot be cleansed. These are Seal, Perfect Corruption, and Doom. They are identified by the fact that their icons are grey instead of red.

    Immunity Talismans (Bulwark,Onslaught,Will). 2 set, grants user Immunity for 1 turn. Bonus can stack. Available in Brave New World
    Invisibility Talismans (Bulwark,Onslaught,Will). 3 set, 35% chance to grant user Vanish (Immunity and Invincibility for 3 turns or the first offensive ability use). Available through Skull Quests
    Fate. 3 set, Grants the user Ascension, Immortality, or Perfect Immunity for 1 turn every turn. Does not stack. Available through PVP Store


    Coalgiver Eddie:
    Holy Sign (5 PWR): Single target. Heals with 50% chance to grant Immunity for 2 turns. Heal amount based on your ATK, and the targets’ MAX HP.
    Re-Gift: Single target. Heal and Cleanse an ally, with a 35% to get an Extra Turn. Heal amount based on target’s MAX HP.

    Trooper Eddie:
    Mighty Roar: mostly AoE. Deals 2 hits of single target physical damage, AoE DEF increase for 2 turns, and Cleanse self and up to 3 allies on Perfect Hits.
    Charging Brigade (Fury): AoE. Deals 6 hits of AoE physical damage, grants 2 turns of AoE Endure, and 1 turn of AoE Perfect Immunity.

    Mummy Eddie:
    Mummification: Self. Grant Immunity for 2 turns, with a 30% chance to extend it to 3 turns. Grants up to 2 Power
    Sacred Sanction (4 PWR): AoE. Removes a negative effect from all allies, with a 30% chance to replace it with a Titan Shield based on the targets’ MAX HP.
    - I'm quite fond of the Mummy. I wish Mummification could be applied to the team, but Sacred Sanction is fantastic by virtue of being an AoE cleanse. The chance for Titan Shield makes it even better. Great supporter.

    Visions Eddie:
    Equilibrium (5 PWR): AoE. Cleanses and heals allies for 2 turns. Heal amount based on your MAGIC and MAX HP.
    - A truly excellent move now that it's no longer bugged. Note that the Cleanse effect is immediate, while the heal only occurs before the start of your next turn.

    Viking Eddie:
    Call To Arms: Self. Cleanses self and gives Immunity for 2 turns. Increases MR of allies for 3 turns. 65% chance for an Extra Turn.
    - Viking has his uses, but it looks like Call to Arms only gives your allies the MR boost. Great if you're up against a lot of magic attackers though.

    Speed of Light Eddie:
    Tainted Attack: Self. Deals single target magic damage with a 50% chance to transfer a Negative Effect to the target. Transfer chance increased to 75% with Skill Shards.
    - I mean, transferring Negative Effects counts as a sort-of Cleanse right?

    Carriage Rider Eddie:
    Scythe: Self. Deals AoE magic damage with a 30% chance to transfer a Negative Effect to the target.
    - I mean, transferring Negative Effects counts as a sort-of Cleanse right? Better than SoL Ed's basic attack by virtue of being AoE.
    Torch (3 PWR): Self. Deal magic damage to a single target, and heals and cleanses self. 75% chance to Regen HP to a random ally for 2 turns.
    - Torch is great. Stupendous single target damage with a great heal, and a cheap Power cost. Not what you need for team support though.
    Ghost (7 PWR): Self. Grants Immunity and Ghost for 4 turns.
    - Honestly, you use this move for the Ghost status. The Immunity is just a bonus.

    Mystic Eddie:
    Truth and Lies (5 PWR): AoE. AoE heal based on your MR and target's MAX HP, and a 50% chance to transform all negative effects into a random buff.
    - With a bit of luck this can be real fun.

    Edward The Great:
    Conquest: Self. Deals single target magic damage that scales with enemy MR and Removes Counterstrike and Guard Shield on enemy. Gain Immunity for 2 turns if an effect is removed.

    Soldier Eddie:
    Endure (7 PWR): Single target. Grants Endure and Immunity to an ally for 2 turns.
    - Honestly, you use this move for the Endure status. The Immunity is just a bonus.

    Tailgunner Eddie:
    Second Chance (5 PWR): Self. Deals single target true damage with a 50% chance to reset and a 25% chance to Critically Strike. Gain Immunity, Endure or Invincibility.
    - On this list, Immunity is arguably the least wanted skill, but it's still a good bonus.

    Cyborg Eddie:
    Calibrate: Self. Cleanses and heals 25% of MISSING HP. 30% chance to gain Immunity for 2 turns.
    - The Cyborg is a bit squishy, so Calibrate is a useful skill for him. Not what you need for party support though.

    Aces High Eddie:
    Immunity: Reload (4PWR): Gain Perfect Immunity and Damage Reduction Shield for 2 turns, with a 35% (65% with Skill Shards) chance to gain an Extra Turn.

    Navigator Eddie:
    Landfall: Self. 3 random hits to all enemies with a 15% Chance to Transfer a Negative Effect on each hit.
    - I mean, transferring Negative Effects counts as a sort-of Cleanse right?

    Rainmaker Eddie:
    Crackle: self. Deals single target physical and magic damage that scales with enemy SPECIAL, gain Perfect Immunity for 2 turns with a 50% chance to Lower DEF and/or Lower MR of target for 2 turns.
    - Shame Cleanse got removed, but Crackle has gotten some interesting buffs now.

    Vampire Hunter Eddie:
    Scream: Self. Grants Immunity for 2 turns and gains Fury. 20% chance to gain an extra turn.
    - Not bad. Rather luck-reliant though.

    The best Eddies for removing negative effects seem to be Mummy, and Visions Eddie. Coalgiver and Rainmaker are also decent options for the task.


    Eternal Darkness (Fury): AoE. Deals AoE true damage and grants Vanish to all allies. Vanish grants Immunity and Invincibility for 3 turns or the first offensive ability use.
    - So Beelzebub is actually worthwhile now! Vanish isn't bad at all too.

    The Clairvoyant:
    Inner Fire (Fury): AoE. Deals AoE magic damage and Revives and Heals all allies. Removes Negative Effects from all allies for 3 turns.
    - The Clairvoyant is an amazing supporter, and this is just one of the reasons. Though a very big one.

    Lady Azov:
    Ghost In The Snow (6PWR): Self, grants 2 turns for Critical Strike Chance and Echo, and Vanish for 1 turn.
    Specter (Passive): 20% chance to gain Invincibility, Immunity, or Immortality for 1 turn upon taking damage.

    I ran out of space by now so I'm moving the Non-Eddie people further down this thread:
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