What It was Designed For
A moderately strong attacker which enables offensive teams to get extra attacking power if they get the “first blood”.

What We Got
The strongest single-target basic in the game that has a high chance of one of the best crowd-control status effects in the game with the amazing unique utility of granting multiple extra turns on top of one of the highest attack stats with an excellent AoE option.

Why This is a Problem
  • Nothing else in the game does the single-target damage this guy does with a basic attack against high HP tarets… and few things could rival it unbuffed even with their power or fury attacks. And it stuns!
  • There’s no reason to build anything other than full HP, which is odd for a warrior
  • A fully upgraded Angel of Fear can one shot slightly weaker Sentinels, and do well over 50% of the max HP even of a top end Sentinel Soulless Demon or Allied General with… with a basic attack

What We Could Consider Changing
  • Lowering the HP scaling of his basic attack (we probably need to do this to a degree anyways; the amount of damage gain per skill level is way more than what is advertised)
  • Reducing HP/Attack scaling of his basic attack slightly and changing to physical damage

Please let us know your thoughts on this character in the comments. Keep in mind that this is not a for sure set of changes we’re going to do to this character; this is merely where our appraisal design-side is of the character, and we want to discuss this more with the community to get a better sense if changes are necessary for this character or if this character is fine as is.