One day, months ago, I noticed the Axis Commander from the Heart of Darkness quest being in Book of Souls.
Well, actually that is wrong.
Like his identical twin the character you get from Book of Souls looks like the Axis Commander, wears an Axis uniform and has the same attacks. He even is possessed by the same dark powers.
Just that he's not called Axis Commander.
He is called Corrupt General .
And I wondered.
I wondered why I can get Axis troops, like the Bomber Boys, like Gunners and Soldiers, an Alliance General, Allied troops, Dogs and Rifles from both sides from WWII.
Yet no Axis Commander.

So I messaged their Facebook team.

At first they kept ignoring the question, but a lot of time passed and I am a patient person when it's about something like this, and they actually told me what they think happened.

The name was changed since some concerns were brought up regarding the potential sensitivity from mass audiences, and it ultimately seemed to be a Roadhouse decision.

Now, I am asking myself why something that is part of world history and that we educate our children about in schools to not let it happen again - talking about WWII and especially the Axis powers here - is considered politically incorrect in the context of a Battlefield cosmos in a game based on the songs of Iron Maiden
I personally think that not changing the name, but much rather changing it is not appropriate.

To other players: How do you feel about that? What are your thoughts on this?
To the Officials: Any chance you could change it back to Axis Commander and if not, then what exactly is the problem there? Where do you draw that line?