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Continue to avoid it. This talisman is useless imo Have 3 sets and never felt like level them up.

Meh.. if you need HP boosted on a true damage dealing character and use 2 overwhelming class Ruins which then also boost MAG.. they can be okay. They aren't as worthless as 99.9% of all the other 2-set sentinel talismans. Especially Health, Stone, Paralysis, Crystal, etc.

Really, all the decent green sets are never dropped anywhere and purchase prices are too high in general - if they are even available to purchase somewhere. I really think they've neglected dropping more up to date talismans for S, M, and A. Night City with Ruin and Nightmare is okay, and adding the Health, Trinity, and Prime to SQ drops was good, but there are others that aren't really dropped anywhere - well except Gauntlet maybe.. eventually... possibly.....