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Thread: Rank the Albums

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    Here's mine:

    16. Virtual XI
    15. The X Factor
    14. Killers
    13. Iron Maiden
    12. The Final Frontier
    11. No Prayer For The Dying
    10. Fear Of The Dark
    9. Dance Of Death
    8. A Matter Of Life and Death
    7. Book Of Souls
    6. Number Of The Beast
    5. Brave New World
    4. Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son
    3. Piece Of Mind
    2. Powerslave
    1. Somewhere In Time

    That was harder than I thought...

    Before Eddie Trunk does his list, how about the top 20 songs? No live tracks, covers CAN be included.
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    I think now i can actually rank the albums better, i guess u can say my tastes "evolved", so here is nekro's album ranking 2.0

    16. No prayer for the dying
    15. The X Factor
    14. Iron Maiden
    13. Killers
    12. Fear of the Dark
    11. Virtual XI
    10. The Final Frontier
    9. Brave New World
    8. A Matter of Life and Death
    7. Dance of Death
    6. Piece of Mind
    5. Seventh Son of a Seventh Son
    4. Book of Souls
    3. Number of the Beast
    2. Somewhere in Time
    1. Powerslave

    Powerslave, SiT and NotN are the hardest to judge cus honestly ranking 3 perfections is hard. But in the end, powerslave trumps it. Its just too good.

    Now ranking top 20 songs? Thats a really hard one. Ranking songs is really hard cus i have so many favs. Its impossible to rank them. So heres my fav 20 in no particular order as they are all amazing imo.

    Wasted years
    Ghost of the Navigator
    Dance of Death
    Dream of Mirrors
    Caught somewhere in time
    Empire of the clouds
    For the greater good of god
    Lord of light
    The clansman
    Speed of light
    The book of souls
    Hallowed be thy name
    Holy smoke
    The trooper
    To tame a land
    The man who would be king
    Rime of the ancient mariner

    This is hard, ur forcing me to not include some great songs here bud
    Nekroliun-3119 - Rainmaker Eddie/Nomad, prob both pretty bad

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    I know. Ranking is like picking your favorite child! We're not supposed to, but we do...

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