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    Book of souls bug

    I was trying to use 5 souls for the daily challenge. I had a stack of 4 normal souls on the top of my list and the 'use 5' tick box was gone, so I ticked the 'use all' box and dragged the stack of 4 over. Instead of those 4 being consumed, 99 souls were used! This is a total rip-off, because naturally I didn't get a single character that I would keep. I was saving them up for the next promotion with increased odds of good rewards.

    The bugs that continue to plague this game and go unfixed while new buggy features get added really have me questioning why I continue to play. My addiction will only tolerate so much frustration before I go looking for some other app to satisfy me.

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    This happened to me recently as well! I had been wondering if maybe I was too careless and didn't pay close enough attention to which stack I grabbed. But this convinces me that I did it right and just got bit by a bug.


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