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I wasn't necessarily talking about you, but if most good prisoner teams average 95%, then you maybe did sth wrong the weeks you said u had 78,82, and 86% attack. Maybe you didn't pay too much attention dunno.Nicko admitted he always rushed through lists very easily, and I can tell you of many others who are at 99/100%.

I myself can never cross 92% and cherrypick as much as the lists permit me...if I took on everybody i'd have 80% or less, since playing vs siege is brutal.
Didn't do anything wrong. Nor would I lie about my numbers. My strategy has never been a secret. Attack higher ranks,imo that's how ur supposed to play. Hate burning lists & think cherrypicking is for cowards. Obviously lots have figured out how to deal with prisoner teams,including yourself. But even with all the prisoner hunting strategies,talismans,98% win rate & impending nerf it's still not enough for some & that is pathetic no matter how you look at it.