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There is no way you have ever played F.E.A.R. then? I shit my pants quite a few times playing that with headphones on. Not played the sequels though - not because I am scared just not got round to it.

Quite fancy seeing Alien Covenant though

Well i did play F.E.A.R! Shittiest 5 hours of my life! I actually played alot of classic horros! S.T.A.L.K.E.R, Silent hill 2 resident evil 1, condemned (boi if dis wasnt scawey) and rule of rose (highly recommended for any horror fan btw).

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Oh no doubt, untouchable classics, the first two. In comparison to the films after Aliens, the last two are 10/10 and a welcome return to the feel of the originals. Not the most amazing cast in the first two either (although the first is just classic). But Newt was a horrible character (or just poorly acted, take your pick - "Ah-firmitive" or "they mostly come at night mostly") along with a few other poorly scripted and casted characters and plot holes are easy enough to find if you want to critique any movie in general.

When comparing to the original two, that is actually quite a high score you've given Prometheus and Covenant. Very respectable if you ask me. Agree like Fassbender as well. The secret to enjoying these films is to understand they can never live up to the expectations set by the originals... kinda like when someone covers an Iron Maiden song, it could be done well, but can never really come close no matter how well it's done.

Have fun!
Tbh i find the ending to covenant so bad that i would give the movie 3/10! Its thats shit! David is like the most wtf char ive ever seen! Tbh prometheus was much better than covenant, prometheus while it didnt have alot of alien shit, had a good story and gave us some lore to the engineers and shit like that and lols at why the engineers want to kill humanity (turns out jesus was an engineer sent by them to restore peace to humanity, what did we do? We fucking crucified him)

One thing i didnt understand is how the trilobyte formed, what? Hallowday or whatever hes called has sec with shaw or whatever shes called and now she's impregnated with a trilobyte?

The originals are still the best.

Alien vs predator films are better (atleast imo)