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Yeah I enjoyed the AvP movies, terrible or not lol, that stuff just puts a smile on my face. Would really like to have seen one that actually only had the two species and no human characters.... the humans are always just there to die and are usually horrible actors lol... that first AvP movie should have been the flashback story of the temple! That shit was tight! Then the humans would have made more sense instead of human and Predator teaming up, that shit was whack!

I was watching Prometheus last night as I started this post! Had some hardcore Alien fans say they hate that flick! That shit blew my mind but I'm bias as fuck to all these movies... hell I even enjoyed the last Predators movie lol!! The ending of Covenant did leave a lot to be desired but if Ridley is making 13 more lol well fuck, we're gonna need some kinda reason to keep going back haha
Gotta have humans...I mean did u c that blondes ass in AVPR!!! Sex sells! Almost as nice as the Clairvoyant's,lol! Heard bout the 13 more on radio. Thot Prometheus was awesome for same reasons as u!