As tittle says im Icarus-6959, and im new in the forums but i already had some months (i think 3 or 4 on the game, lvl 64 actually).
First i want to thanks everybody that uses my troopers everyday like : amboss2000-2802, BeastAPA-9697, Paxton 9980 and renrew3000-4344.

Now the reason of why i did register here (please more than anything forgive my english), is because i want to do some questions about formations of teams (defense and offense) and since i had some good cards (a way to say it) i would like some suggestions, but of course in another post because i want to respect the forum rules.

Add me if you want! i have some slots free and also a powerfull Assassin Harpy that could help you in many ways. I use everybody, sometimes i could run out of time but as max i could just leave 4 or 5 without use but 100% that i join all the days of the week except sundays.

Veterans, tell me your experiences on this game and new people, ask me if you had a question, anything because a single question could be vital

Thanks for visit