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    Exclamation Blue Allied Soldier Reflect All - known issue, we're working on it

    Bug when using the Blue Allied Soldier skill "Reflect All" against enemies using Reflect as well. Not tested with other enemy (if there is another enemy to reflect).

    Normal Difficult | Underworld \ 2nd Stage \ Web Of Fear \ 1/3

    Sony Z3 Compact 23.5.A.0.575 - Android: 6.0.1

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    Super known bug, everyone run into it.

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    yep, i think they way around it is either wait for their reflect shield to pass, or i think i managed to get a way around it by casting my reflect last during round 1

    ignore that im talking out my arse, you have to wait for there reflect shield to pass, any other way and youll get stuck
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    If you cast your shield as the last action of your round you won't have any problems, since the trolls one dissapear.

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