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    Dog of war vs angel of strife

    Dog has 1k less hp but can have 3 health sets and maxed skills do around 5.5k true damage and 65% stun rate.

    I have not been able to try angel but if torture hits the same as aof then it is really good. Also the invincible skill could come in handy.
    My thoughts is who to use as a blocker.
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    I have a maxed AoS and torture isn't as good as the AoFs. They nerfd it a few months back so it receives less of a boost from HP nowadays.

    Personally the idea of the cover passive is great but because all the damage ends up getting funneled into that character (and at the damage amount the target would have received) they don't survive long. AoFs power move also only affects hits targeted at it, so if the AoS is taking a hit for another team member, it'll still take damage.

    AoS was a solid strategy used to combat prisoners in the old days, cover wouldn't work and you could immune/invincible while beating down the Gimp and his team. With the buff removal skills out there today, I don't think there's a place for him/her?

    I'll add that the only time I've seen cover done well is paired with a taunter, and a toon that casts endure so that you can't kill the cover character due to the endure and can't remove endure due to taunt. Usually it's still a bust because they can't dish out enough damage.


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