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    Arena store issue?

    In the Arena store, I last purchased a skill shard a week ago. Today I should be able to purchase another yet its still locked and saying now 6 more days? On another note from a few days ago I also never got the last login prize of the rare gunner/assassin soul even though I logged in. First time logging in was initially before midnight UK time (10am here in Aus) but I logged back in later that day so should have received it then but didn't. There has not been a day where I haven't logged in since I installed the game....Not huge issues but in this game every little bit helps. Anyone else experienced this?

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    I also have this bug in the arena store, but with the soul fragments. It's also saying that there are 6 days left until I can buy them again, although it's the first time I've logged since the reset.

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