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    PvP Week 17 - Statistics and Discussion

    Coming Home has ended!

    Congrats to Jofer for another well deserved Eternal spot! Kamuz pulled third, and there was an exciting last-minute race between Carlos, ShaolinLondo, and Fallen Angel for fourth and fifth, with Carlos and Shaolin prevailing in the end.

    Lots of wackiness this week

    APMA - Maclo’s evil stepchild. Damn – I have the occasional crash or bugginess each week, but things were a little nutty with this event. Definitely some frustration heard on the forums – hopefully this settles down with the inevitable decrease in traffic this week. But if there’s another event like this those errors need to be reigned in.

    Thrown fights. There was discussion before the event started about how some were going to throw some fights to get points easy. Well – it happened. I had at least a page or two of thrown fights from the same guy Friday morning. I pm’d Sparton about it telling him to adjust my points if needed and here was his response:

    “it technically meant you were probably had an easier time to get a higher ranking this week than you would have been, but since we didn't see inflating happening to an excessive scale when it was happening (at least from the data I was able to look at), we didn't take any action on you or the other player.”

    So while it didn’t affect the rewards – it certainly could have if it had continued. Jofer complained about the same issue yesterday when someone did the same thing to him.

    Sparton posted in the Coming Home thread:

    “Undeniably a flaw in the system, yes. A sobering reminder for the management why I keep pushing to ensure the fix for that is in the next major update (and I guess the timing of the lead programmer coming in to rectify the situation at the end of the event a further reminder). I think one of the programmers was literally working on the safeguard for this on Friday, so I'm confident we'll have that bottled up relatively soon.”

    That’s awesome news – and shut put an end to this big potential cheating loophole that was called out by Slauki months ago (and executed by Clint a few weeks ago)

    The Eternals

    They’re starting to appear in defenses and that’s pretty cool. My defense is the best it’s been in weeks (thanks for the kind words Bad Taste!) and both ChaosEgo and Carlos are using Eternity Eddie. I think we’ll see more Eternals this week as many were able to cash in their fragments on Saturday.
    Hopefully they do something about the loser of the bunch – Beelzeboob. I don’t think we’ll be facing him in the arena any time soon

    As far as numbers, mine were as follows:

    Number of attacks made: 661

    Number of attacks on me: 580

    Rank: #2

    I began clearing lists like crazy over the first weekend (there was a Monday holiday here in the States) – then targeted those above me midweek – then went back to lists near week end. Kind of a combo of my Beta approach and my recent (annoying to the those at the top ) approach. The strong defense helped. And the couple pages of thrown fights helped.

    I can’t see myself playing this much over the summer – just too much going on here in Chicago – but it was great to dive in again and thanks to the developers for these awesome events. They really are appreciated.

    Thanks all!
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    Congratz Jofer!

    Since I made top 25 figured I'd start sharing numbers:

    Rank: 14th
    Attack: 502/529 (95%) ... Some losses to crashes, but most of them being legit.
    Defense: 61/462 (13%) .... First 200 had 0% hold, ran a dummy defense for everyone to enjoy a quick win now and then.

    Also was 8th until last half hour when I managed to play only one match.
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    Added a few matches to be safe. Would have liked to played more but WAY TO MANY ERRORS!!! Starting to get pissed...running out of character slots too. Sacrificing has become a pain in the ass!
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    Hail the Mighty King Jofer!! I'm beginning to think you're possibly a mutant! Lol

    Respect to all who powerslaved the 500 or above. Easy goal? Maybe for some but a little too much time for me. With the many errors that complicated the event maclo,ampla orwhatever, and the whacked out to just plain cheating of buffs and debuffs Sparton and the dev team should have all the data needed to fix these issues. One would hope. All in all great event with great rewards imo. Can't wait to see what the next announcement holds. Keep up the good work!
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    Attack: 518
    Defense: 451
    Rank: 15

    Knocked out around 200-300 battles last Sat/Sun/Mon to give myself a headstart, then just coasted the rest of the week to ensure that I got 500 for the event. A mad dash for rank 10 at the end, props to those that made it and to those who completed 500+ battles while staying competitive. Certainly a more frustrating week of PvP than others given the prevalence of APMA errors. I hope that events like these serve as a "stress test" for the servers that give the developers some good data to work of off.

    Aside from that, as more players acquire new characters we're starting to see some different PvP defensive teams than usual which is a welcome sight for us grinders. Now the issue becomes character slots. I know that I've got a bunch of rare/colored souls to open but have been holding off because of a lack of slots to accommodate new characters. As people open their legendary/eternal souls, I feel like character slots will once again be a topic of discussion.

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    Att. 289
    Def. 256
    Rank 137

    No way was I going to do 500, I don't have time. Set a goal of 275 as realistic and managed to get it, with a couple of extra matches to cover some draws - I know I could have conceded those but it felt wrong. Played each match to win but didn't mess with team selections much.

    Bit surprised by how many people came out in force for this event and I reckon we'll see a few more people taking arena seriously now.

    Finally, got my eternal soul and thank god it was Clairvoyant and not f'n Beelzebub. Figuring my luck was in I bought a Magus soul from the arena store and got Carriage Rider Eddie - bonus.
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    Att: 990
    Def: 829

    Point: 6076
    Final rank: 5

    Have to say that for the first time this week I had experienced APLO and co error crash., probably due the busy activity in arena.

    Congrats to Jofer for the eternal. GG

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    Rank: 136

    Glad it's over. Reached my goal and still have 1200 ironite in the bank. Happy I can go back to playing pvp casually and work on LoL more. My roster still needs a lot of work.

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    I don't mind giving my percentages:

    Attacks: 434/510 (85%)
    Defence: 95/453 (21%)
    Rank: 233

    I said last week I didn't have the time, inclination and energy to manually play 500 battles and that I would auto play. I manually played every single battle. I got a bit fed up with it all midweek but got my 2nd wind and managed to do all 500. I put the next part of this post in the event thread but it is worth saying here as well. Just about managed to cling to a top 250 spot. Finished at rank 233. I know that might not mean much to most of you but for me it was a big milestone to target. I have always been a bit "scared" of PvP as I always thought I lacked the right chars to do well in it. While I still think I lack what is needed to get top 100 and above this week showed that I can do reasonably well at it and have no need to be "scared" of it any more.

    I have so much respect for Jofer, Nicko, Gmac, Enti and all my Troopers and other guys who are fighting it out every week to get the top spots. This week has shown me how much time, effort and dedication you need to put in to get there. I salute you all and congrats to my Trooper, Jofer, for taking top spot again
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    Hope devs fix their servers for next event like this.

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