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Thread: Hallowed Eddie

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    Executor Eddien (custom creation)

    Long ago me and a pal (ORSMurgoo) took some free time to imagine an eddie for this pic.
    This is the result: a 4* star assassin eddie (the game has no one), which role should be more tanky support, with some buffs and debuffs. Highlights are in permadeth (should be usable in pvp) and a new take on Ghost buff (now a high risk high reward revive).


    Executor Eddie (4* Assassin Type)


    Last Rites
    Deals true damage to all enemies.
    Curse all for 2 turns
    LV 2/3/4 DMG+10/15/20%


    Cathcer of Souls
    Deals two hits of true damage to all enemies.
    50% chance to bleed.
    100% chance to bleed if the enemy is below 50% HP.
    LV 2/3/4/ DMG+5/10/15%

    Fervor (as seen in Rainmaker)
    Deals true damage to a single target.
    Chance to charge on perfect attacks.
    LV 2/3/4/5/6 DMG+5/10/15/20/25%

    Sumourting Terror
    Deals true damage to all enemies.
    Drain HP of enemies to all allies.
    LV 2/3/4/ DMG+5/10/10/15%


    Hallowed be
    Cost: 4
    Charge target ally for 2 turns.
    Grants Endure for one turn to one ally.
    25% Chance to give Extra Turn for the ally.

    Last Sights
    Cost: 3
    Deals true damage to a single target.
    75% Chance to Heal blocks for 2 turns.
    Permadeath if the enemy is below 50% HP.
    LV 2/4/ DMG+10/15%
    LV 3/5/ Chance+10/15%

    God be with you
    Cost: 5
    Revive a random ally, giving Ghost for 2 turns.
    Attack and Magic up for all allies.


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