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    Tonight's the night, Chicago!

    It is finally upon us! We're sitting at a semi-comfortable 79 degrees currently in Tinley Park, expected to get up to 90. If you're going to take I-80 in, consider jumping off at the LaGrange/96th street exit, heading south on LaGrange (right) to 191st Street - East (Left), to Harlem Ave - South (right) which takes you down to 195th and the entrance to the theater. This is typically much better than taking the Harlem Ave Exit (which is the next exit) from a traffic standpoint.

    Tonight's my son's first concert (ever), and Maiden is his favorite band. And, they're playing The Trooper and COTD which are his favorite songs. Hope you all enjoy it as much as we're going to!

    UP THE IRONS!!! \m/

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    Enjoy the show, mate, it simply rocks! Make sure you are ready with your camera on "video" mode when Eddie walks out!
    Up the Irons!!!

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