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    Character Analysis Crash Course - Episode III : POSSESSED MACHINE GUN & RIFLE

    Hello everyone!

    It was really nice to see you all enjoyed with getting to know more about Sandworms and Owl Cultists!
    Now it is time for episode III. New episode is based on one of the most scary chars in the game : Possessed rifle and machine gun....
    So you think Wrath, Beelzebub or "The Beast" is scary? I suggest you to think twice..

    This is the story:


    Name:  unpossessed.png
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    Name:  giphy.gif
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    Name:  Machine-Gun-Shoots-87939.gif
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    Anyway.... Let's see the stats!


    Name:  possGunner.png
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    DESIGN :
    At first, good name for a Gunner class! Nothing can be more "Gunny" than a Gun itself! It seems like a simple gun but.. IT IS POSSESSED! That's why it is flying. Next time you see a flying gun, you should run! And if you are an Assassin, run faster! Scary!

    Kardas note : "Gunner Rifle is identical to those used by Soldier Eddie and the Allied Soldiers."

    STATS :

    HP - I think this is the most scariest part. I give you my sincerest apologies Gunner Sandworm, because Possessed Machine Gun wins the oscar for having the LOWEST HP IN THE GAME! 3515 at 5* LVL 100. Bright side is, at least this char is BEST AT SOMETHING!
    ATK - You have a common attack there machine gun, 694. But since you don't have eyes to aim, this is impressive!
    MAGIC - No scaling, irrelevant.
    DEF and MR- Almost none.
    SPECIAL - 466 is a good special. Because you are very special Possessed Machine Gun!


    Mandatory 2 Red + Mandatory 1 Yellow + 3 Uncoloured :

    2 mandatory reds make sense since both attacks are physical. But there is one mandatory yellow, why? Wait a minute.. Yes! To boost that 466 special! Which means you can push some fury with this flying gun! Well.. To do that, you should put 2 Dogs of War or something else with Block passive to keep this gun alive - or revive it back with Magus Pharaoh Water Spirit all the time!

    SKILLS :

    Basic move : Spray - Come on now. Spray?? Are you shooting to mosquitos or what?!? Even it doesn't sound like an attack move, it has %25 chance to Critically Strike (meaning double damage) - impressive! If you max this skill, you can spray (attack) %40 harder!

    Power move : Burst Shot - "Physical damage to a single target + Inflicts Bleed on the enemy for 2 turns"

    This name sounds much better, burst shot! And it really hurts, it does not have a chance to bleed - it bleeds rightaway when you shoot it. 2 turns! Dealing true damage over time with a chance to Heal Block each turn. Are you having hard time with self-healing enemies? Bring this flying gun! If you max this skill, you will burst %35 harder and make your enemies bleed for 3 turn in the end! No one have that enough blood to face this Gunner..


    Name:  possWarrior.png
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Size:  220.2 KB

    DESIGN : Looks like Gunner's older brother! And of course as possessed as well. Poor family..

    Kardas Note : "If I recall correctly, the Warrior Rifle is identical to the gun carried by the Desert Marauder"

    STATS :

    HP - One more sincerest apologies to Gunner Sandworm again. Because the big brother Possessed Rifle is sharing the oscar for having the LOWEST HP IN THE GAME WITH IT'S BROTHER! 3515 at 5* LVL 100. If you want best lowest HP characters in the game, look no further than this flying guns!
    ATK - Same common attack, 694.
    MAGIC - No scaling, irrelevant.
    DEF and MR- Don't bother about the MR here, but DEF is 460 which is interesting. Can stand to some warriors! (But you know the question.. How long?)
    SPECIAL - There is no lower SPECIAL than 229 in the game.. But shares lowest special oscar with some other characters. This rifle have 2 oscars in the end, respect!


    Mandatory 2 Yellow + Mandatory 1 Red + 3 Uncoloured :

    2 mandatory yellows make sense with basic attack. But power move is true damage, for that you will need assass... Okay don't bother. Just keep this rifle alive if you can. Throw some primitive talismans and see how it will work!

    SKILLS :

    Basic move : Shoot - Couldn't be a better name for rifle attack. That's the spirit! Teach your little brother about how to behave like a gun! He is spraying around... Anyway, shares %25 Critically strike chance as his brother and physical damage increases with SPECIAL stat. Isn't it fun to have lowest SPECIAL in the game and having an attack scaling with SPECIAL? Of course it is! But if you max this skill, you can shoot %55 harder like a boss.

    Power move : Shank -
    "True damage to a single target + %50 chance to Heal Block the enemy for 2 turns"

    Wait a minute.. True damage? Is this true? Idk how it will work with 694 attack and 233 magic in the end.. But Heal Block chance for 2 turns is impressive! If you max this skill, you can hit %30 harder and have an %65 chance to Heal Block the enemy! Bring those guys against self healers and be their nightmare!

    Your welcome.
    I hope you are enjoying your Possessed Machine Guns and Rifles!
    Feel free to share your experiences with these flying guns!
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