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    Quote Originally Posted by konstifik View Post
    I think your points on both characters are incomplete. The main problem with GCR is her bugged Titan Shield, making supposedly hard counters unreliable, which is something you didn't address. And the current problem with SSD is when he is equipped with Strike talismans, and those didn't exist when the discussion you linked too was active. Nerfing stat stealers/destroyers like MCR, Wrath and WNBoL will further enhance this problem (as well as the problem with Strike talismans in general).
    The issue with the Titan Shield is indeed a problem, but from what I understand, it only replaces itself in certain scenarios. Obviously that's a bug we want to fix for such a high-profile character, but it's not an easy fix, so it is something we're still working on. The selection of scenarios where it self-replaces is frustrating and can make a match, but it can be worked around, and we're not interested in tuning a character around a bug we plan on fixing.

    I've seen some Sentinel Soulless Demons with Strike, and it's an interesting strategy, but again in encourages you as the attacker to get Immunity, buff removal, Accuracy Down, Stun/Freeze, Warriors, not spamming AoE moves, and/or not spamming multi-hit moves, which are all strategies we want to encourage people to utilize for team building. There's many options to deal with him, and bringing just one and making sure he doesn't live a long time usually makes him a trivial bag of HP to work around when he's controlled by the AI.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mizrael View Post
    But that you are on MCRs nerfing, could you have a look at why does her freeze automatically disappear when she dies? it has lost me many battles and i don't think that it's supposed to work that way. at least i have never noticed debuffs disappear once the caster that intentional or a bug?
    There is a general issue with Freeze where it falls off in that scenario, for anyone who causes freeze. It is a bug we're intending to fix, but I don't have a timeline.

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    And I guess somewhat related... it looks like the character tuning (and associated updated) are going live sooner than we expected when I posted the tuning notes. The current maintenance is for that update; I will post full patch notes soon.

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    I disagree, Sparton. The SSD with Counterstrikes is definitely is the only toon which Counterstrikes a Counterstrike, causing a taunt fest, especially when it is on a defensive team.

    The proc rate for its Counterstrike and taunting is extremely high on defense. I have a SSD with that setup, and it does NOT proc so high when I use it on offense. But it is usually my only option when going up against the GRE/Wrath/AoF/SSD teams. You basically have to hold your breath and hope that the other team does not go first, esp. if their Wrath goes first and wipes out all Immunity and buffs.
    If you take single hitters like a NBoL with Explosive Talismans, then even if you attack another toon but the Explosives trigger, the SSD taunt fest begins.

    There is a reason why the top players are all using that team setup for their defense.

    As for the GCR, I disagree on that as well...she is very OP and the MCR cannot steal the Titan Shield on the first try. I usually always have to take my NBoL against the GCR, and now that you guys are nerfing him, I doubt that I will be able to have much success against the GCR teams, so there goes any chance I have of being competitive in PvP.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sparton_LOTB View Post
    ...and we're not interested in tuning a character around a bug we plan on fixing...
    No one was asking you ro tune her because of this reason. people only said that this bug adds to her OPness.
    but nevermind. i know,i know...tou don't share our concerns about her being OP and there are ways to work around it...

    You have a work around for everything OP toons and bugged toons. but if i meet a team of 3-4 such toons i would need a team of 10 specific chars, who only work well for that OP/bugged skill. so much for diversity...


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    The full update patch notes are now live.

    I'm going to close this thread to avoid parallel discussions in similar threads, but feel free to continue discussion of relevant subjects in the new update discussion thread.

    Also, I'll adjust the name of this thread to "June" to prevent confusion.

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