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    Good bye and thanks for all the fish

    Well, it is time. To put it short: I'm done. First and foremost thanks to many of you, guys. Be it trooper who stuck with me for over half a year or, maybe even more important during my early time in the game, all of you contributing in a constructive way in the forums - especially the authors of the huge topics in the Guide Section. Of course thanks also goes to the Devs who are responsible for the entertainment I got for the better part of 8 months, but that has faded in recent weeks.

    To me it has become pretty clear that the game will not change in the foreseeable future. Which is sad for me since I still believe it has a lot of unused potential.

    - Bugs will always will be around for too long (maybe mobile just isn't made for gaming, when I look to PC and even small free to play companies are able to release fixes for minor bugs within hours after an update, while takes days if not weeks here)

    - New Content will always be scarce (No new Pve Content since I began (!) playing. Yes, the new achievements are adding something, but defintely no new content. Too little, too late for me. Maybe I come back after Night City in 2 or 3 years)

    - RNG EVERYWHERE: this is my major issue with the game and I won't go into detail here again. I am just glad not many players seem to understand how bad the chances for certain things actually are or the game wouldn't probably be around anymore. As a bandair for too much rng we get more rng (sacrifice), as an opposite to insane rng we get smaller rng now stretched over time (eternal souls). Combat is random, rewards are random, everything has to be random. The problem for me is not the way it is, but that there is no intention what so ever to change that.

    - Store prices are rediculous: what could have been a minor point is really beginning to get annoying. I said it before: high prices which keep you from spending can be actually pretty good from a player perspective. But with the only thing (apart from certain characters and Talismans) added to the game being sale promotions this is just a joke.

    Everything above would be ok - and was for me for a long time. But now that NF startet to give the finger to the player base pretty regulary (every event is in fact just a sales promotion, the only exception being Halloween 9 (!!) months ago; nerfing of promoted characters (oh, I haven't even gotten into the whole mess and lock ins Skill Shards are creating, one of the worst concepts in the game for sure); did I mention introducing even more layers of RNG? Talismans that haven't been around for more than half a year for sale for real currency as well as those only available for a limited time while being absolutely crucial in PvP - and some of them being argueably way to strong... I could go on.

    I decided last week that I spent enough time with the game, but if I hadn't the newest "event" would have been the final nail in the coffin. What could have been a great opportunity to actually celebrate or, god forbit, add some actual content for once turns into another sale. With a pack of Souls for a whopping 300? Aren't we lucky it's currently just a little above 100, what a bargain. Besides that the chances you get absolutely garbage from souls are just 80% instead of 90% for a limited time only! The chances you get something you find actually useful increased from 1% to 2%, depending on your overall progress. Oh, and precious soul fragments are now everywhere - one of the most useless additions ever introduced to the game, coming with 3 (!) layers of RNG.

    I really didn't want to turn this into a rant, but this just makes me sad.

    I am glad for everybody still having fun playing the game, and I assure you I was, too, for quite some time. Put taking a step back and evaluating sometimes helps opening the eyes - at least it did for me. When AAA titles have the price of 2 to 4 Skill Shards one finds other sources of entertainment pretty easily.

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    I feel so the same about RNG...

    Got Wrath and Eternity Eddy this morning butfor how many dupes?
    Looking for AoF but for what?

    I'm almost done too...
    Good thing (for me) is I never put any money in the game :]

    Have fun!
    I use all my troopers every day, list closed

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    Nine, you have said it so well. A lot more politely than I would have done. Another smart player leaves...

    But I put this squarely on the developer/publisher and not on Iron Maiden themselves : I really doubt that Steve wakes up and wonders whether Gunner Corrupt rescuer needs adjusting (she does) or whether people really wanted an assassin class Ox Cultist (nope).

    It's a casino game for which there is no reward, you are gambling money for nothing. It is a good game in essence but with a lot of things that are aggravating.
    I used to play all my troopers every day
    All grind and no respite makes me sad
    One day, I may return

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    Sorry to see this, Nine, but I completely understand your reasons, it shouldn't be this way... the players shouldn't be forced to leave the game because of the game itself....

    I realy don't understand the politics of the company here, if there is any, as many valuable players/forumers have stopped playing during this entire year, and also many have posted here their reasons.

    I wish for a talisman type converter

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