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    Best beneficial effedt removers


    As you have certainly noticed, there is a huge amount off teams with starting buffs, and the good old prisonner can't do anything against talismans, i feel like i really need a good remover/stealer of beneficial effect but i can't decide on which one to shard, i currently have

    - MCR
    - W NBoL
    - A NBoL
    - Wrath
    - W UR
    - AoP (haven't seen this guy much since nerf)

    I could try to wait for another one but i feel like these one are great, though i really dont know which one is the best. I'm still hoping for visions eddie, for now i have cyborg, whose scan is pretty good against mass buffed teams, but i feel like it's by far not enough

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    I made a thread on this a while back, and I've tried to keep it updated since then.
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