Whoa, thank you guys, each and every one of you for popping in, thought noone will care

Mariner, thanks for nice wishes. I'm glad you didn't know me for longer, I'd stop being funny pretty fast with my stupid jokes.

Jofer, thanks, sounds big deal when you say it. But, being great player and proved it almost dozen times, I still have to disagree with you on some things:

  • Victory didn't cause leaving, leaving caused me to chase for Eternal. I'm fed up with game long time ago, even rage-quited it for some 10 days around New Year. My vacation was also scheduled a long time ago.
  • I hardly believe that your successive victories really did any good to interest more players in some serious competition.
  • Competition without you was also great. Gmac is one hell of a competition, Carlos is fast as well, and zidar and Blacksteel i.e. rose out of nowhere, making epic batlles. Many, many others as well. Might seem easy to you, but most probably to you only. If you were here last week, I probably wouldn't have will to compete
  • As for holding Gmac's hand, I have no problem to admit that. I know I am nowhere near great players, so why not work on myself and ask pro for tips and wisdom. Non progredi est regredi. Gmac showed true greatness by helping me for no reason when he could only push me away and spare his time, or even completely ignore me.

So, we both have much to learn: me from you, how to take over even people's good-bye threads to insult them and tell others how great I am so I seem to myself to be even greater, and leaving my ass wide-spread for minions to stick something in, and make me not be able to leave with just a little pride, glory and dignity, and you from Gmac, how to treat other players. Now, it seems Gmac is the only complete and great player and champion around here. But, enough blasphemy towards Almighty.

Askora & Dave Murray, thanks for kind words, I think you guys are among the ones I couldn't hold even once. I cannot remember that I ever saw yellow shield next to your names.

ChaosEgo, I have to admit that Saturdays were a lot more challenging with you and Badtaste around :P Until a couple of weeks ago I could barely get without being on your lists at least five times. And I'm glad you had a good laughter, I love making people laugh.

Nicko and Slauki, nothing for you two :P

HomemLivre, thanks, nice being in your company now, though you also used to be on the same boat as ChaosEgo I hope you still remember my 5 consecutive losses to you just in order to see how many times will coin screw me.

And last but not least important, Lulero, those are so kind and gay words, really cheered me up You were a great opponent yourself. Hope you too will get to poster one day.

Thank you all again, maybe we meet again some day \m/