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    Legendary soul the way to 5*?

    So I've been playing for what I'd consider roughly a month now, and I'm just getting to that part where I have almost a complete 4* team. Perhaps it's just me, but I feel like getting 5* and even 4* toons from rare souls is not, should I say, a real thing? I've had a few 4* toons from the odd rare soul but I'm at a loss for 5* toons. I know this anniversary event says that there's double chances for 4* and 5* toons from rare souls, but I got tons of various kinds of rare souls and yet it's just been the same 3* toons. What's everyone's experience been regarding their first 5* toon? Is it just a matter of time?
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    A complete 4* team after a month of playing is pretty good honestly! After a month of playing my best toon was still the blue allied soldier!
    Getting your first 5* is indeed a matter of time. I've had a fair number of 5* from Rare and event souls now, but only last week (almost a year of playing) did I get my first 5* from a Rare GA Soul.
    So far I have never gotten a 5* from Legendary Souls, just saying.
    Also the Anniversary event was last week, so the dropchances aren't higher than usual anymore (Here's what they should be at the moment)
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