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    I'm actually having a harder time finding the rare talismans like guard, thief, thorn shield, paralysis (is giving me nightmares), red penetrate. Guard for me seem to be the rarest, I have one set but they aren't matched, and I think I got them from a secret level. Thief drop anywhere on kingdom of the sands and I've found two by chance. I should start a location thread for rare talismans lol.
    16 5 star characters level 100, 51 max talismans. Mostly Red builds.
    I rotate between the red bat, hellhound, samurai, soldier, purple harpy, and Carriage Rider. Looking for active troopers with Eddie champion, or max talisman ally.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dutch View Post
    i have gotten a few in shadows of the valley, its the easiest one to auto battle in underworld madness
    Shadows in the Valley is where I do my farming. Good mix of ahards, and is where I found all the ones I needed.

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