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    Support broken or over worked? Ways to improve

    OK, I would like to hear people's thoughts on Legacy of the Beast's support team or system. I have recently lost my progress and cam not get back on my profile. After contacting support, no reply. Next day, same them. That night I finally got a reply. It was obviously a bot telling me that I need to wait a few days till I can get help, which is understandable, thousands of people play this game. BUT, after doing some research on the forums multiple people have had my problem, and have not been contacted in WEEKS!!! So is this system just broken or is their nothing they can do? Let's talk about ways to improve the system, and tell me how long it took for them to contact you. Peace

    P.s. Don't go witch hunting developers or support members. I did not start this to instigate hate or cause a flame war. It's a topic to be civil about.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benji View Post
    multiple people have had my problem, and have not been contacted in WEEKS!!!
    I know the support team is swamped, most likely it's oversight. That being said, people who can't play the game at all (ie Facebook Loop issues) have a higher priority than people that can play.

    For anyone that has a game-breaking bug and are waiting on the Support team to reply to you, private message me your Ticket # and I will see what I can do to speed your request along.

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