Just relaunched the game after the extended server maintenance period. It seems sands of time are now capped at level 80 (down from my 92 pre maintenance). I've also noticed that bulwark talisman has been nerfed on all stats, totally killing the build on my carriage rider Eddie. Magus based characters are now even further removed from relevance now.

Why nerf things that work while other more pressing bugs and issues still run rampant? Like timers that don't display properly. Characters with totally broken abilities (disabilities). Trooper rewards that lock at random and set to 6 days of lock out... We can keep going, but I'm sure the mountain of CS tickets is where you should start. This game and it's developers are slowly losing my interest and making me feel as if I'm being punished for deciding to invest some money into building my roster and stats only to be nerfed repeatedly. This has to stop. The devs need to focus on the playability of the game before "fixing" things that aren't broken. Congrats on your continued efforts to kill a good thing.