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I must be extremely lucky then with the beast... First I got rekt, then got my Visions Eddie. Killed the beast in all difficulties with 4* Soldier Eddie, lvl 100 Allied General and a friend's lvl 100 Nomad. When the beast was kneeling I used Visions Eddie's Take skill (50% chance to remove beneficial effect). Once the all stat increase was gone my victory was guaranteed. Too bad I still haven't found Visions' real potential, I'm stuck with Soldier like many of us. Anyway, if you have a massive dmg dealer ally, bring a friend' Vision to the Beast, that's my advice

Same, started as crap but after my first try i usually kill him in his first form.

I dunno why you would want to change from soldier eddie, sure its boring to use the same guy for 7368 years and getting new exdies are always cool but still, hes too op, the only one that could 1v1 him and win would most probably be carriage rider.