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yeah fully agree, while the intentions are good, i don't like the exposure of the opponent without permission
Already agreed to the proposition, but thanks for sharing your thoughts.

I remember reading one time some guy accusing eternals for cheating and have learnt from that moment that getting into top 10 isn't all that difficult, getting into top 5 depends on having top guns on leave, while top 3 are reserved and require SOOO much playtime (perhaps bc of my crappy defenses 10-15%).

Went for the bait one time but had a bad connection (phone reception) and burned through my Ironites early into saturday (won't do that again ), so I've finished somewhere around 7th place or so. If I have time, top 5 is the maximum for me (although I seem to remember finishing 4th once ages ago, but not sure if I've dreamt it or if it was real )

Being on this community is all about sharing and you cannot have a good defense team without toons and talismans, be you or be thou not master od teh defenses.

Unless stated otherwise, I will record an attack here and there, just to give insight into various builds, and will honor you guys not wanting to share video (we can always type a word or two about strategies)