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    Quote Originally Posted by slauki View Post
    you know i love needeling a bit it's not so broken like in early days for sure, but it's still kinda broken . pretty simple rule of common sense "if you cannot counter it, with all available tools it's broken".
    i never think it's the fault of the player if the system is wrong so it's a really smart setup which i like too. would i use a similar defense if i was able? hell yeah i would .
    all in all i don't expect too much of a difference after the BNW update aside the energy and the void shields. not sure if the explosives are on the radar of the devs, so i could imagine this team will still be very good for a long time. and it's really screwed, that such crucial talismans are only available for a few guys, at least this will come to an end soon.

    but now i predict this following circle:

    this setup will become more popular --> we will se more 2 wrath combos with similar setups --> it will kill the divesity of pvp and devide the players into "haves and not haves" and the complains will rise --->it might take some weeks or some months till devs realize this and then --> the inevitable nerf will come :P

    hope they will find a better way, but i would place a 10$ bet on this i like he 90% perfect hit idea and the selectable powermove idea too, but this might take a while, i'm afraid...
    Disagree . I've faced a couple 2-Wrath defenses; they often aren't difficult. I had to try many combinations this week before this current configuration - SSD, Clairvoyant, Nomad, Shaman Eddie, VHE...

    All of them were better than my last weeks dismal Hold percentage - which was below 20% - but it took the DM to give it some consistency (just as it did in my beta defense) - I don't think the difference maker is the second Wrath. When the energy talismans get adjusted I don't think you'll see 2 Wrath defenses unless combined with TWO toons who can feed him power (AG? Cyborg?) - and even then you're depending on the cards to fall in a very particular way.

    My win rate this week so far is 98% - if we all had that then by definition defensive Hold rates would be 2%. I haven't faced Kamuz once - because the cards so often fall the same way when I face him - Wrath goes first - steals energy and removes buffs - Nomad power move - no energy to heal and facing a Beelze with Strikes. I faced him two times last Saturday and when the cards DIDN'T fall that way it was a fairly straightforward win. When these Talismans get adjusted I won't sweat facing him at all. I would imagine right now his Hold percentage is better than mine - it's mechanics are no different but it can win going second (mine doesn't have a prayer if it doesn't go first).

    Our win rates will rise. Hold rates will fall. And people will gripe about not being able to Hold...
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