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    I am using an old team but 100 % effective on level X.
    GRE - blind, holy and random blue
    G Lilith - class advantage immunity and life
    Magus undead rescuer - holy, life and penetrating
    Kari - 4 blues and 2 greens ( I use some randoms)

    It is not optimized cause don't have time to test but does the job.
    All full skillsharded.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Muzzleloader View Post
    Esquatcho, you are kind of limited on not having any of the OP 6 set talisman. Your Hallowed Eddie can be very powerful against the dragon king in GoF. If you could shard your golden Pharoah dog he is quite useful for immunity, healing and cleansing, especially if you had angel or invisibility talisman. It would be useful to acquire a couple of sets of energy talisman. The golden Pharoah dog is a partial blocker by reducing damage by 35%.

    What team are you using in farming for gold in the cosmos?
    Yeah, I had a year or so away from the game, so I missed out on all the 6 talisman sets

    Anyway Ill have a play with Hallowed eddie & maybe add some shards to the GPD thanks!

    For farming I have a 'main' team, which I've had for a while. Got a heap of new chars in the last sac event, but they still need to be upgraded with talismans etc. Anyway, the 'regular' team is Hallowed Eddie, Green Valkyrie, Azov & AoF. I tend to use nomad, Assassin Golden Son, Blue Soldier, gunner dog otherwise and my other partially sharded eddies are GRE, FoD, SoL and the original holy smoke.

    I've got a couple of energy talisman sets already, one attack, one magic. I have a heap of invisibility, but looks like Ill need to get working on upgrading them! Good think Garden of Life is easier!

    Currently grinding for:
    Odin(s) - Freya - Scrooge (Slauki) Ed / Moar Yggs

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