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    Anyone else feel like, you know, since BNW was like, I dunno, six months late, that this "using your paying customers for beta-testing" horse shit (that we ALL had to deal with when PvP was introduced) shouldn't be a thing? What exactly HAS been going on for the last six months? Certainly not QC or testing. I find it hard to believe in this day and age that a simple mobile game like this can have SO many issues. Everyone and their dog is learning code, or already in the field, and I know competition for top jobs is fierce -- yet a World-Wide game with MASSIVE name recognition can't seem to put out a product on time or without massive issues that actually, when you look at it, steal money from the paying customer.

    Love the game, but my goodness, without the rabid fanbase of forgiving metal heads, there's no way this kind of sub-standard product would survive in the market. Guys like me can only be pushed so far before we throw our hands up and say, "Eff it."

    I'd rather wait a few more weeks/months(!) for a product that can actually be utilized as advertised.

    Am I alone on this one?

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    Well, I'm certainly no paying customer, but I absolutely agree with you. This game is not very complex, coding- and computation-wise, and it really does seem like Nodding Frog is counting on their customers to do the employees' jobs. I went through this same thing with Lord of the Rings Online, and I'm not going to subject myself to same thing again. I've already uninstalled the game, planning on reinstalling in a few months to see if they've cleaned up the mess they've created. If they haven't by then, then I'll just write this game off as yet another failed experiment at distracting myself from the brave new world we live in.

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