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Thread: Hang in there

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bradata View Post
    Many players are taking this game too seriously and because of this, their disappointment is bigger. This should be just for fun and not competition.
    I don't care who is Eternal this week or any other, the rewords are shit anyway, I just play and have fun. If most of us look at the game this way, they will safe themselves a lot of trouble and nerves
    It's not only that. Some are reaching a level of end game where there is nothing to do. I, for sample. The only missing char I want is Navigator (ok, a Wrath too). But other than this, there is no much left.

    Even in PvP, the only thing to do is toying with defenses (not so much fun), since my attack cant get better (95%+).

    BNW has the challange, but not the reward. I myself won't go anywhere, but more due inertia than anything else.
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    I'll be sticking around for a while. I think that this game and any game for that matter is you want to max your char and play the endgame content. I believe this game the pvp is the endgame. If we can get the pvp talisman and upgrad them the game gets stale fast. I can't tell you have long I played games like World of Warcraft or Diablo. They are grind games but fun just like the is, to me. But if i am not getting upgrades or can't upgrade my in game char's well it is not much fun then. I have put real money in this game, I believe that if it is good entertainment why not. Even if I didn't get somethng for it I would donate to it. I want the game to continue it needs some sort of income. Now that being said I am not dropping $14.99 a month to play it, but I don't see putting in the same amount I would for any game I would buy for on my PC. I really enjoy the game, I like running my troopers. I liked my first run thru BNW, only made it to lvl VII so far. I only run BNW once my troopers are done and I have about 10 min to finish the dungeon. It is expensive and takes a while to finish one dungeon. I'll try and get thru to level X over the next couple weeks, without ironrefills, those go to upgrding my talisman for now.


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    I like the BMW, because it gives the opportunity to earn some talismans that I would otherwise not be able to get, as I only started in late May.

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