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    Your top maiden songs

    Hey guy it is me GamerGod88, today we are gonna rank the maiden songs ((not all) obviously)
    1.Lord Of Light
    3.The Clansman (you cant deny that this is a masterpiece)
    5.Iron Maiden
    6.For The Greater Good Of God
    7.The Trooper
    8.The Rime Of The Ancient Mariner
    9.Fear Of The Dark
    10.Phantom Of The Opera
    11.Number of The Beast
    12.Sign Of The Cross
    13.Blood Brothers
    14.The Evil That Men Do
    15.The Reincarnation Of Benjamin Breeg
    16.The Loneliness Of The Long Distance Runner (das one hell of a name)

    Honorable Mentions: every single maiden song not mentioned her

    Ive been confused on top 5 or top 10 so top 7 it is. Yes dance of death is no1 for me cuz i just like everything it has to offer, the story, the way it starts so calm and goes wild so fast, the lyrics, the guitar, the drums. Everything about is perfect, imo ofc. Can i play with madness wouldve been no1 but its just too short...
    The story is something big, the rime of the ancient mariner wouldnt have been on this list if not for its story, and that also boosted dance of death to no1.

    What do you think of my choices? Leave your own list and opinion down bellow. Make yours a top 10 if u want, who am i to judge u

    This has been GamerGod88 thanks for watching everyone.
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