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    Talisman levels being reduced

    I am having issues with several of my characters talisman power levels decreasing after I exit the the game. For example I have a four star Soilder Eddie with two four star burning talisman. I have powered both talismans to level 40, when I exit and restart the game one talisman is at level 39 and the other is at level 38. The runes and coins that I used to evolve the talismans are gone. Is anyone else having this issue? I love the game but I am not spend 24k in coins and runes to keep my talismans at max levels each time I start the game.

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    Happened to me too, one time i lvled a talisman for holy smoke eddie, from 1* to 4*, game crash, after i enter again all of my runes used are gone and its a 1*

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