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Arena already lasts too long, weekly arena resets are outdated.
Most games use a 3-4 day arena system so that more players have a chance to win.
I would propose a 84h arena for LotB so that all timezones are covered and also attacks between resets actually matter.
Not many things have to change so technical issues should not be a problem, the system remains the same but there will be 2 resets in 7 days by adding one more at exactly half the time.

The point system is a joke, i never ever witnessed something like that in any other game, you win a fight and you are awarded with 12 points, then you get revenged and you loose 13.
The last hours rush can be taken care of with hourly attack limits for the last 24h before the reset, this will give time for the ratio between atk and def to even and also players will have to participate the previous days.

Offcourse top priority are the freezes, i don't care about any change in arena when i loose 1500 points due to freezes like i did last week...
I like the idea of a 84 hours reset time that will truly solve timezones issues and give a better chance of winning to more people.