What are the average drop rates in BNW? I'm getting seriously pissed off with the lack of return on playing these levels!

Played 30 rounds now of Garden of Fear levels 8-9 trying to get a second set of counterattack talismans (seemingly the only way to remain competitive in pvp is at least two sets). In theory of talisman drops on those levels I have a 1 in 4 of getting a talisman I need out of the ones available to drop. I've not got a single talisman out of every game played after the first time playing a level! I get they are rare but there is a definite divide between the have and have nots in pvp now (pretty much forget it if you lose the coin toss and other team has an SSD with strike!)

Either the cost needs to be lower or the chance of talisman drops needs to be higher, it's really not worth playing without a change!