The Valkyries have arrived! The time is right to grab these characters and refine your strategies in the Brave New World dungeons, the Arena, and beyond!

New Characters: The Valkyries!

Come to cleanse the corruption of the Dragon King and his minions, the Valkyries are new characters inspired by a combination of the song “The Longest Day” and the themes of the Brave New World album.

  • Ragna, Valkyrie Hunter (4 star Warrior): Passive makes her team immune to Burn and Freeze effects. Her attacks can grant Counterstrike to allies and transform beneficial effects on enemies to Physical Burns.
  • Val, Valkyrie Guardian (4 star Sentinel): Passive makes her team immune to Blind, Seal, and Taunt. She can inflict Accuracy Down and Block Beneficial Effect on enemies and grant a Disruption Shield to herself and an ally (reduces and reflects damage; inflicts a random negative effect for each hit against it to the attacker)
  • Eda, Valkyrie Knight (4 star Gunner): Passive grants herself infinite Perfect Immunity (Immunity which makes it and other beneficial effects on her protected from being stolen or removed). She can grant Immunity to allies who lack beneficial effects, and can heal, cleanse and extend beneficial effects on allies.
  • Astra, Valkyrie Slayer (4 star Assassin): Passive makes her team immune to Marks, Doom, and Curse effects. She can remove beneficial effects from enemies (stunning them if something is removed) and can apply Perfect Corruption, Permadeath, and Heal Block.

The Valkyries are 4 star characters available in souls appropriate to their class and rarity, in addition to the returning Brave New World Soul!

Limited Time BNW Soul

The event soul for the Brave New World has returned, bolstered with the newer Brave New World characters!

This soul guarantees a 3★-5★ Character of ANY class, and also has increased chances for all of the following Brave New World characters:

  • Storm Eddie (3★ Assassin)
  • The Valkyries (4★ Ragna, 4★ Val, 4★ Eda, and 4★ Astra)
  • Corrupt Rescuers (4★ Warrior, 4★ Magus, 4★ Assassin, and 4★ Gunner)
  • Corrupt Droids (3★ Warrior, 4★ Sentinel, 3★ Gunner, 3★ Assassin)
  • Undead Rescuers (4★ Warrior, 3★ Sentinel, 3★ Assassin)
  • Demon Seeds (3★ all classes)

You can grab these limited time souls from the Store until August 31st, 5 PM PT.

Character Tuning

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PVP Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the local information for your defense teams wasn’t being loaded correctly.

Brave New World Changes

  • Adjusted so the dungeon always does 3 or 4 reward rolls (instead of 2, 3, or 4)
  • Increased the quantities of 1 star evo runes (now drops in quantities of 3, up from 1) and 2 star evo runes (now drops in quantities of 3 and 5, up from 1 and 2)
  • Increased the quantities of 3 star evo runes (now drops in quantities of 3, 6, and 9; up from 1, 2, and 3)
  • Adjusted frequency of evo rune drops on floors V and above (1 and 2 star evo runes are less frequent, and 3 star evo runes are more frequent)
  • Increased frequency of 4 Star XP Runes on floors VI and above (decreasing rate of 3 Star XP Runes accordingly)
  • Shell, Immunity, Enduring, and Strike talismans are now more common in their respective dungeons.
  • On floors VII and above, Gold is no longer a loot table reward. In its place, talismans normally found on floors I-VI are now found on floors I-VIII, and talismans normally found on floors IV-VIII are now found on floors IV-X (Note: The base Gold reward for clearing Brave New World dungeons has not changed).

Skull Quest Changes

  • Lowered Sands of Time cost of quests to 5 or 6 (from 8 or 12).
  • Increased the frequency of Precious Soul Fragments dropping.
  • Added in additional chances for certain soul fragments to drop, which have a higher chance of dropping at later Skull Quests: Rare Soul Fragments, Rare Gun/Assassin Soul Fragments, Legendary Soul Fragments.

Bug Fixes and Improvements

  • Reduced the cost of the 3 day XP boost to 200 Ironite (down from 300)
  • Corrected Colourless Evo Shards (all rarities) to give out XP appropriate to evo shards of their rarity
  • Fixed an issue where Sentinel Trial III indicated the incorrect dungeon in Spanish
  • Passive names in certain languages should be more consistent/concise to improve readability in the My Team screen
  • Corrected the drop location descriptions for evo runes to indicate where they drop in the Brave New World, and to correct the 3 star Coloured Evo Runes to no longer erroneously state that they drop in the campaign
  • Fixed an issue where tooltips from certain items in reward popups would not draw in front of all elements of the reward popup it was from
  • Fixed an issue where the Eddie Swap menu would appear under the HP bars of characters on certain devices