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    In PVP clairvoyant revived wrath
    => Game freeze
    => SOT lost
    => Points lost

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    Quote Originally Posted by DaveMurray View Post
    Sorry for destroying your plans slauki but that purple OP hentai toon stuns the unstannable harpiers too..
    There are two known issues to keep in mind:

    • Indirect stunning works against Harpies (such as from Grevious Burn).
    • Certain passives are incorrectly flagged as positive status effects (which includes certain Talisman passives).

    The latter would normally be harmless (or just make things like Visions Eddie and Allied General steals slightly less reliable), but they are a devastating weakness against Astra, Valkyrie Slayer right now. We still need to get initial fixes through QA, but the latter should be fixed for the next store update.

    Quote Originally Posted by Nicko View Post
    If that darn AoF was fixed - so that he would retrigger when Red Buzz was killed indirectly - this would be a whole different game...
    Fresh eyes does wonderful things; a more recent programmer addition to the team was looking into the various fixes to make First Blood work as expected, and the one thing he said should be an easy fix is proccing for indirect kills.

    I overheard the discussion more in the context of AoE skills than blocker redirection, but I imagine what he's thinking will work for that scenario too. We'll see when his fix makes it through the QA wringer.

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