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    Please consider increasing drop rate of 3 star evo stones...

    I find it troubling that it takes generally the full 20+ hours straight playing a Lord of Light dungeon in order to MAYBE get 6 drops of the 3 star EVO stones.

    I have many characters that are just sitting because they need to be further upgraded before they are ever useful again. But I can't upgrade them because the 3 star stones drop so rarely and it takes a week before the dungeon comes around again.

    It would be helpful to increase the drop rate of the 3 star stones a bit.

    In addition.. increasing the drop rate of the 2 star talisman upgrade runes would be helpful as well... at least in some area...

    It's these 2 rare drops that are preventing me from moving forward in the game.

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    Note that I've used at least 150 each of the one and two star stones in place of shards. So those numbers are more than 150 less than what I've actually collected. And I have about fifteen 5 star characters.. so maybe used ~90 three star stones in total. Seriously a bit of balance would be nice.
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