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    "Toon of your choice soul"

    I was about to comment gmacs post, but i think this topic is so important, that it deserves an own thread.

    Not sure who mentioned this first, but a "toon of your choice soul" has to be implemended asap i think. It would be good for the players but also for the devs.

    A toon of your choice soul would be the ultimate motivation and the ultimate reward. Many of us are primary maiden fans and enjoy collecting all the chars. That created a lot of motivation till now. But the game is getting less and less motivating since we have almost no goals once we reach the endgame (aside pvp if you care). The only motivation many guys have right now is to complete their collection of eddies and other cool (and not so cool) toons.

    But the real important thing about goals is, that every goal has to be reachable to some degree if people should focus on it. If it's impossible to complete the collection, people will realize that and cancel this goal. And i think we are at the turning point now. Many lost their motivation and get frustrated more and more so we need concepts to prevent this.
    A toon of your choice soul, would give us an extra motivation boost every time we get one, so this would be a constant factor which would keep many of us playing much longer.

    The greater the pool of characters is, the less chances you have to get a specific toon. So it's more and more likely that you will never get your prisoner, your cyborg, your purple cotd or whatever toon you would like to have. No matter how much souls you buy it's a very high chance you will NEVER get all toons.

    That's why i think some kind of toon of your choice soul every month is mandatory to have. This alone would reduce the guys dropping this game by as fair margin. Ofc it's only part of the solution, but this is an huge factor/motivation because the game is all about characters. So please devs consider this, if you want to keep the people playing longer. The player base is not that big, that new players will come constantly, so we have to keep the guys that already play this game.

    That said, you cannot screw the game econmy too much and let the people get this very lightly. It has to be extreme hard to get, but it has to be manageable too. So kind of a balancing problems. But don't wanna discuss specific details. IMO this should be a high priority task after the next update if we want to get rid of the "goodbye threads".
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