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    Quote Originally Posted by CanadianGoldenEagle View Post
    I can understand and agree with you but there are some areas where a particular class of Eddie is required - Mission challenges for beating Level X in the various classifications being the main one. If a player doesn't have an Eddie of the required type, e.g. a Gunner Eddie for the Assassin Level X mission, or they only have a single Eddie of that classification, e.g. a single Gunner Eddie (regardless of which one) and the Mission is for All Gunner Characters, then they are unable to do it.

    I have a single Gunner Eddie and would like to have more choices of Eddie within my team for doing the Missions but it doesn't help. I can't use any of my Trooper Eddies to complement the team as has been mentioned on other threads you need to have all from your own team, no Troopers allowed.

    I also wasn't meaning for it to be a cash purchase. If players wished to pay cash to purchase the Ironite in order to get the soul then that's their choice, I prefer to use Ironite that I earn within the game. I've also suggested to the Developers on multiple occasions, including in the Beta, that it should be possible to get items using in-game gold instead of just Ironite. My Gold level has never gone below 20M and it's just sitting there doing nothing as I can't spend it anywhere in the game, other than for upgrading Characters/Talismans and that's a rarity.
    That makes sense in regards to the Missions (which hopefully we'll be getting more of soon as well). There is no Assassin Eddie that you get in regular gameplay, but maybe that will change with Killers Eddie in Night City. Either way, I get what you're saying and the idea has a lot of merit - I would just like to see it implemented in addition to the TOYC vs in lieu of it.

    That's funny with the Gold, I was there for a while and now with BNW, I find myself fluctuating between 5K and 2M weekly as I power-up talisman sets to 50s. But yeah, there are a lot of players with major gold reserves that should get to drop them into some fragments at least. Something.
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    Quote Originally Posted by slauki View Post
    since there will always be new toons, there will always be something to chase. but i can see your point. so maybe once a month is really too much but once every threee months or so sounds very reasonable for me. and man, it's very possible that you will never get your gimp, that's also frustrating as hell. so i still think this is mandatory but they have to be carefull with it ofc.'s like Scroobius Pip said: "You see a mouse trap, i see free cheese and a Fing challenge."

    You call it frustration i call it drive to keep on playing this otherwise plainly bald and boring game...

    I would prefer to see some real development direction FORWARDS. I have played many app rpg games before (and besides) LOTB and in a year of existence we would normally see things like:

    -further increase in player LVL (noone has ever questioned why have we been lvl100 for almost a year with no use for it.) It doesn't even limit you in using all 5* maxed toons? what's the point then?
    -new LVLing system of the player him/herself. some kind of mastery adding stats, which would bring back some sense into the Player LVL and give a certain advantage to the ones who deserve it and not just those who got lucky with RNG
    -a higher systen of further developing your toons. some new abilities which would make them unique or you could tune them to better fit your playing style.
    -enhancement in talisman slots or a new equipment type
    -randomly generated endless dungeons

    ...the possibilities are limitless

    LotB is just running in circles! sorting cock ups out-new cock ups introduced. this guys atk scaling gets increased and magic decreased. this toon gets buffed to OPness and another one nerfed to the ground. content gets released every half a year and then we need another half a year to tune it and sort out the bugs it brought with it.

    The players who used to be creative, full of new ideas and passion, trying to help the community, creating guides and suggestions are now turning into minge bags, just crying about shit like "if i don't get this toon next i quit!" "i want to get that toon NOW!" "I want to be able to choose my toon!"....

    Sometimes i get a feeling that this game is slowly but surly turning us all into a bunch of depressed loonies.

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    Randomly generated endless dungeons sounds fucking awesome. They should make that happen, it could be like PVP except its random PCU enemies with random talismans.
    Playing since the beginning, and I still DO NOT have these eddies:

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